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America as a Christian Nation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

America as a Christian Nation - Essay Example And that they do it only by necessity. According to him "injustice is more profitable to an individual than justice." (360 B.C.) However, it has been a popular teaching in Christianity that God gave men free will. And according to C.S Lewis, it is that same free will that made evil possible. (1943) Men are then free to do good as well as evil. Therefore, because of this free will, in my opinion, it doesn't matter whether or not men are born just or not. Nor is the reason why men are unjust, whether by whim or necessity. All that matters is that men have the capacity to be unjust. And it is that capability for injustice that should be constrained, but how It has been argued that the best of all things is "to do injustice and not be punished," the worst is "to suffer injustice without power of retaliation," (Devine 2004) hence the middle ground is what we call justice as imposed by government. And I agree. I believe that it is the existence of the government that constrains this capability of evil. It provides for laws, renders judgment and imposes punishment. I agree with Rousseau when he stated that even if God did not have a hand on the legitimacy of the government, it is God that gave the individuals inalienable rights. (Devine, 2004) And this includes the right to form a unified body to govern them. You need not be Christian. You can be Muslim or Jewish. You may even call your God different names. But I think, if one believes that all men has inalienable rights, he or she must believe that there is a higher power bestowing that right. Because if the contrary was true, that there is no higher power, then men would be the highest power. We are all gods. I don't think that's right. If we are all gods, that would lead to chaos. As such, since the power of the American government emanates from the people, America as a nation must believe in a higher power, a religion. Why Christianity One main reason why America leans towards Christianity more than the other religions is because of history. We have learned in the readings that through conquests, Christianity was spread from Europe, to the American continent. However, there are also other religions brought by immigrants inside America. There is also the fact that there are many who prefers not to believe in any religion at all. But despite that, I still believe that America is still a Christian nation. Why Because of its teachings. No matter if you call yourself an atheist or declare that you believe in some other god, if you practice what Christianity preach, I call you a Christian. So what are these teachings Firstly, Christianity teaches us to be just, to respect and to do no harm to another. These are the basic virtues that lead to the very goal of our Constitution: the protection of life, liberty and property. Secondly, Christianity t

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