Monday, February 3, 2020

Robin Hood Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Robin Hood - Case Study Example e the current modus oparendi is not sustainable given that the rich may altogether stop passing through the forest effectively killing their revenue stream. On the face of it, expansion looks like a good plan since it would allow the members to continue pillaging and hunting to sustain themselves with an increased base. However in the end this will likely put them at loggerheads with the community including the poor they are trying to help ergo this plans is simply a time buying ill-advised tactic. On the other hand, imposing a transit tax is a good idea since the rich are going out of their way to travel around the forest at a great cost to reduce the risk of losing their goods to the merry men (Lampel). Therefore, Robin should calculate approximately how much it costs to go round the forest and charge a transit tax of slightly less than that. In addition, he should enforce discipline and civility to ensure that the wealthy traders are not harassed, this way when they realize that going through the forest will be less pricy that circumnavigating it they will be more willing to resume their old route. The band will then have a marginally smaller but constant source of revenue, which is better than the unsustainable take all technique. On the up side of joining the barons in raising the money to free the king is that he would not have to live outside of the laws, in addition the sheriff and cruel king John would be no longer be a concern since the King Richard would dispose of them. In addition, the grateful monarch would likely pardon and perhaps reward the merry men. Nevertheless, there is a downside to this plan, for one, the king would mostly likely not let the men keep collecting taxes in his land and in the long run he may hunt them down and they end up becoming the same outlaws they were to start with. In addition, King John realized what was happening behind his backs, he could take drastic action and give the sheriff more reinforcements to attack the

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