Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt Essay -- American History Presidents E

Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt Throughout the ages there have been many great leaders. These leaders are powerful in many ways, with a strong control over the people, and a place in history. But who would have guessed that two cousins would be some of the greatest government figures ever? Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt, both American presidents, both American Heroes. Without these dignitaries, the American advancement into the present day would be incomplete and/or impossible. They gave people hope through hard times and the spirit to protect their country and one another. â€Å" S p e a k s o f t l y†¦ C a r r y a b i g s t i c k † Theodore â€Å"Teddy† Roosevelt was born into a rich New York family in 1858. His childhood was filled with sickness. He soon became interested in wildlife and nature. In 1880 he graduated Harvard. Happy with his new accomplishments he took on a wife, Alice Lee Roosevelt. Unfortunately, his mother passed away on the same day as the marriage. Heartbroken, Roosevelt moved west to the Dakota territories to hunt and explore. His first marriage was over soon afterwards. A few years later he ventured to Paris, France were he met his second wife. Back in America the Spanish- American War for the Southwest was in formation. Roosevelt, wife and all, headed back home. Enlisted and prepared, Roosevelt headed South. On the path to victory, Roosevelt met up with Leonard Wood, together the created the Rough Riders Regiment (RRR). In 1898,the RRR, under the control of Roosevelt and Wood, lead the battle against San Juan, Puerto Rico to come out victorious. Both men returned home to a hero’s welcome happy to be alive. It was the dawning of the 20th century. William McKinley was President and Roosevelt: Vice President. Under McKinley, he learned about the responsibilities of being a president. Suddenly without warning McKinley was shot and killed. In 1901, at 42 Roosevelt became the youngest president to serve office. He disagreed with how the nation’s economy was being controlled by Big Business. In his term he set about â€Å"trust busting† by initiating some 40 lawsuits against big businesses. It was said once that while hunting, Roosevelt came upon a bear cub. Despite the demands of his hunting partners, Roosevelt refused to kill the cub. This story touched the heart of millions. Soon cartoon strips, newspape... ...ld War II. During the war years he had not appeared often in public, but during his campaign for a fourth term in 1944 many who saw him said that he looked pale, thin, and old. The election, which resulted in his victory over New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey, was a strain on the president. In the early spring of 1945 he went to Warm Springs, Georgia, in an effort to recapture his flagging energy. There he died of a massive cerebral hemorrhage on April 12, 1945. In conclusion I believe that Franklin Delano Roosevelt had a greater impact on the American Society than his cousin, Theodore Roosevelt. FDR did so much in his lifetime as president that without someone like him to get us through hard times like the Depression or World War 2, and supply new improvements in the way life is conditioned. We wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. Theodore Roosevelt was also a great man, I am not saying otherwise. But FDR has the addition of four presidential terms. In fact being the only president to carry out four terms he created the cause for the 22nd amendment even after death. In turn with the addition of these two men in history we have not only changed the world but ourselves.

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