Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Motivation Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Motivation - Speech or Presentation Example This is useful to the organization because it will manage to achieve its own objectives, satisfying its customers and the various stakeholders of an organization. Take for example a cashier serving customers in a retailing organization; a cashier who is well motivated will be (Higgins, 2012); On this basis, the advantages of motivating the employees of an organization will result to the production of high quality work (Karabenick and Urdan, 2010). It is always the role of a manager to motivate his own work force. There are a number of ways and methods of motivating the workforce of an organization. These methods include, It is important to denote that these activities fall under a motivational theory. There are a number of motivational theories developed by scholars of management and psychology. One such theory is the expectancy theory. This is a theory developed by Victor Vroom, and it gives a proposal that people will behave in a certain manner, because of a reward that is attached to the action under consideration (Higgins, 2012). For example, an employee in a manufacturing organization will decide work double shifts in case of shortages of work force, and in return, the employee will expect to get some compensation and praise from the management. Another theory is the equity theory developed by John Adams in 1963. This theory denotes that employees of an organization will be motivated if they are treated equally. For example, if employees of an organization perform the same job, i.e. they are both accountant, then the management should pay them an equal salary (Karabenick and Urdan, 2010). Failure for an organization to treat its employees equally could result to a de-motivated work force. Another theory is the hierarchy of needs theory by Abraham Maslow (Higgins, 2012). This theory denotes that the employees of an organization have several needs, and they are hierarchical in

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