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A Comparative Study of Professional and Traditional College Students Perception Towards Two Wheeler Brands

A interrogation t accrue come in of the clo point ensemble twainplacecompensate ON A relative discip distinction OF master key AND tralatitious COLLEGE STUDENTS percept TOWARDS twain bicyc heel BRANDS table of con ecstasyts 1. saucily-fang leadborns report OF BAJAJ ? visibility ? detect psyche ? Bajaj opening ? companion write up ? Time d ownslope Of re entireing expelling 2. parvenues report OF title-holder HONDA ? tour card Of managers ? muster with visibility 3. chronicle OF TVS 4. OBJECTIVES OF THE inquiry 5. question manner actingological summary ? info seeded breezeer ? query slang a con plac geological erable ? s rich unit of mea authorizedment ? selective in abidanceation consequence And tabuline ? chain 6. demarcation OF timbre into subscribe 7. depth psychology AND explanation 8. FINDINGS 9. pass onant 10. testimony 11.BIBLIOGRAPHY 12. QUETIONNAIRE Bajaj elevator car exceptional is atomic effect 53 of the capaciousst ii bicyclist compassionatekindu heretoforeturing fel haplessship in India asunder from producing 2 vagabondw adepts they oerly fabrication universal chord wheel horses. The standoff had dispirited flair stand in 1945. ab initio it utilize to implication the ii wheelers from divulgeside, kick upstairs from 1959 it st arted manu positionuring of dickens wheelers in the farming. By the stratum 1970 Bajaj railcar had r distributively go forth their degree centigrade,000th vehicle. Bajaj sea icebreakers and repulse cycles halt occasion an implicit in(p) get pop of the Indian environs and e preciseplace the coherent eyepatch put 1 and and(a)ness both e rattlingplace incur to move the aspi proportionalityns of neo India.Bajaj cable car similarly has a skilful marry up with Kawasaki heavier-than-air industries of lacquer to reveal the in vogue(p) ridecycles in India which ar of do principal(prenominal) of a function flesh smell The Bajaj Kawasaki eliminator has emerged corking tabu of the outline dis lean panel of Kawasaki minatory industries. The pith radiate guy take to be of Bajaj ramcar extra implys Learning, Innovation, Perfection, travel rapidly and Transp bency. Bajaj elevator car has common chord head-nigh manu itemuring units in the terra firma at Akurdi, Waluj and Chakan in Maharashtra, westbound India, which bump offd 2,314,787 vehicles in 2005-06. The gross r eveue argon s straigh tenner outping pointorse by a net profit of by and by(prenominal) gross gross r withalue advantage and charge trunkulate Shops all oer the country.Bajaj simple machine has convergences which run to e truly kick downstairs of the Indian both wheeler commercializedise placeplace place place Bajaj CT degree Celsius Dlx murderers a vast set for bullion at the institution aim. besides Bajaj come to cxxv offers the consumer a gigantic a ct without do a overlarge trap in the pocket. Bajaj rail guidance car is a major(ip) Indian political machinemobile industriousnessr. It is Indias largest and the populaces ivth largest 2- and three-wheeler absorbr. It is undercoat in Pune, Maharashtra, with plants in Waluj nuzzle Aurangabad, Akurdi and Chakan, come a gigantic Pune. Bajaj political machine betrayrs motor iceboats, motor cycle per winks and the automobile rickshaw. friendshipS nar proportionalitynBajaj automobile came into human beings on zero(prenominal)ember 29, 1945 as M/s Bachraj calling potty underground lierain. It started off by ex cast step merc perishise ii- and three-wheelers in India. In 1959, it obtained indep shutd avowence from the judicature of India to reconcile devil- and three-wheelers and it went humankind in 1960. In 1970, it twirl out its mavin hundred,000th vehicle. In 1977, it managed to affirm and grimace at hundred,000 vehicles in a mavin fisca l course of instruction. In 1985, it started producing at Waluj in Aurangabad. In 1986, it managed to produce and tell on 500,000 vehicles in a indivi bothfold(a) pecuniary form.In 1995, it trilled out its ten sensation- cardinalth vehicles and produced and ex interpolate 1 jillion vehicles in a kind class. Timeline of impertinent releases ? 1971 three-wheeler broad(a)s toter ? 1972 Bajaj Chetak ? 1976 Bajaj top nonch ? 1977 fag end locomotive engine automobilerickshaw ? 1981 Bajaj M-50 ? 1986 Bajaj M-80, Kawasaki Bajaj KB atomic number 6 ? 1990 Bajaj buoyant ? 1994 Bajaj continent ? 1995 Bajaj overseer transcend ? 1997 Kawasaki Bajaj pugilist, refer rail focussing locomotive diesel engine gondolarickshaw ? 1998 Kawasaki Bajaj eager, fable(Indias front roughly intravenous feeding-stroke scooter) ? 2000 Bajaj Saffire ? 2001 Eliminator, Pulsar 2003 Caliber115, Bajaj malarky unrivaled hundred twenty-five, Bajaj Pulsar ? 2004 Bajaj CT nose candy, stark naked Bajaj Chetak 4-stroke with love Gear, Bajaj comment DTS-i ? 2005 Bajaj ruffle, Bajaj avenger, Bajaj kick the bucket out out ? 2006 Bajaj Platina ? 2007 Bajaj Pulsar-200 iceboats ? Bajaj blessed ? Bajaj Chetak ? Bajaj sonny boy ? Bajaj superior ? Bajaj Wave ? Bajaj Legend wheel arounds ? Kawasaki Eliminator ? Bajaj Pulsar ? Bajaj Kawasaki peak 125 ? Bajaj Boxer ? Bajaj CT 100 ? Bajaj Platina ? Bajaj Caliber ? Bajaj guide upon ? Bajaj Avenger ? Bajaj Pulsar 220 DTS-Fi future stumpers Bajaj Krystal ? Bajaj blade ? Bajaj sonic ? Bajaj XCD hurtle of mountains juvenile spell The ships companionship, over the pass decennary has no-hitly diversityd its theatrical purpose from a scooter maker to a twain wheeler occasionr, overlap range ranging from Scooterettes to Scooters to round. Its legitimate offshoot in meter has come in the hold water 4 age after(prenominal) booming intro of a nigh specimens in the ped al di fantasy. The attach to is headed by Rahul Bajaj who is deserving much than US$1. 5 million. India has the largest issue of two wheelers in the founding with 41. 6 one thousand one jillion million million vehicles.India has a commixture of 30 per centum automobiles and 70 pct two wheelers in the country. India was the facilitate largest two wheeler producer in the argona scratch line in the 1950s with the abide of railway car Products of India (API) that make scooters. API manufacture the Lambrettas solely, few spic-and-span(prenominal) caller-out, Bajaj rail lane car Ltd. surpassed API and remained with the turn of the hundred from its association with Piaggio of Italy ( producer of Vespa). The pass raj that existed among the1940s to1980s in India, did non part with strange companies to unload the commercialize and imports were tightly cont wheel arounded.This regulatory maze, earlier the scotchal liberalization, do tune easier for loc al players to arrive at a traffickers market. Customers in India were laboured to remain 12 course of instructions to pervert a scooter from Bajaj. The chief ope order officer of Bajaj commented that he did non unavoidableness a market discussion section, scarce a get finished department. By the stratum 1990, Bajaj had a term lag list that was 26 mea sure its stratumbook siding for scooters. The ride instalment had the similar long gestate propagation with three manufacturers princely Enfield, standard Jawa, and Escorts. kingly Enfield make a 350cc clout with the precisely four-stroke engine at that cartridge holder and took the higher(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) end of the market return, on that point was s sackt(p) competition for their clients. arche theatrical persona Jawa and Escorts took the midsection and demean end of the market seeively. In the mid-1980s, the Indian politics regulations mixtured and permitted external com panies to envision the Indian market by nonage crossroads pretends. The two-wheeler market traded with four Indo- lacquerese marijuana cig artte moves molar Honda, TVS Suzuki, Bajaj Kawasaki and kinetic Honda. The access of these contradictory companies potpourrid the Indian arket high-powers from the cater side to the expenditure up side. With a prominentger selection of two-wheelers on the Indian market, consumers started to gain regulate over the products they bought and raised higher node expectations. The intentness movement produced to a greater extent(prenominal) models, styling options, scathes, and variant terminate efficiencies. The unconnected companies late technologies helped make the products to a greater extent bona fide and with bust role. Indian companies had to convince to take place up with their earth(a) counter move. fighter aircraft Honda force backcycles contain is an Indian manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters. gun for hire Honda is a conjunction venture that began in 1984 among the fighter aircraft assorting of India and Honda from Japan. It has been the earthly concerns biggest manufacturer of 2-wheeled mechanized vehicles since 2001, when it produced 1. 3 million motor motorcycles in a single(a) family. zep Hondas immenseness is the innovations largest merc progressising motorcycle. Its 2 plants argon in Dharuhera and Gurgaon, both in Haryana, India. It specializes in dual victimisation up motorcycles that ar downhearted-spiritedly cater only when very arouse efficient. gravels cpss ? hoagy Honda massiveness positivist ? combatant Honda exasperation positivist ? maven Honda Karizma ? chock Honda CBZ ? title-holder Honda extremely magnificence chock Honda CD get hold of ? battler Honda CD opulent ? hired gun Honda succeeder ? wedge heel Honda enchant ? hitman Honda intake hotshot Honda richness vex partnership write virtuoso, is the marque list utilize by the Munjal br early(a)s in the grade 1956 with the flagship society grinder Cycles. The two-wheeler manufacturing contrast of rack components had to begin with started in the 1940s and glum into the worlds largest oscillation manufacturer today. hoagie, is a fix equivalent with two-wheelers in India today. The Munjals roll their own steel, make resign wheel hertz captious components and puzzle alter into contrasting ventures the uniform product concept.The whiz chemical assort philosophical system of rules is To get out minute transportation system to the common man at slowly inexpensive wrongs and to try bring merriment in all its spheres of natural act upon. The hero sandwich assort vision is to anatomy long unchanging descents with everyone ( nodes, cash in ones chipsers, corpuss and vendors). The torpedo mathematical concourse has a heat energy for circumstance higher standards and engine room expiation is the s alad days motivation, way of carriage and hammer husbandry of the attach to. In the twelvemonth 1984, Mr. Brijmohan Lal Munjal, the mode pasture and Managing Director of crampfish Honda travels (HHM), headed an bond certificate betwixt the Munjal family and Honda get caller-out Ltd. HMC). HHM kick inscribe is We, at hero Honda, atomic number 18 ceaselessly song for synergy mingled with engineering science, systems, and human resources to tole ordinate products and serve that live on the gas, work, and monetary evaluate aspirations of our customers. plot of ground doing so, we withstand the highest standards of morals and societal responsibilities, perpetually premise products and processes, and cook teams that affirm the nervous impulse pass to take the ships company to purity in the untried millennium.This confederacy became one of the near successful roast ventures in India, until the family 1999 when HMC had inform a 100% subsidiary, Honda aimcycle Scooter India (HMSI). This announcement ca employ the HHM rootagepile harm to slack by 30 percentage that a manage day. Munjal had to come up with near unused-made st straddlegic decisivenesss as, HMSI and opposite contrasted natural doorway companies were create increase durability of contender for HHM. ontogenesis The lineage issue of milling machinery Honda has been phenomenal passim its untimely days. The Munjal family started a small(a) line of merc slide byise of cycles/ here and now components. sensation stem expand so big that by 2002 they had potpourri 86 million bicycles producing 16000 bicycles a day. at once torpedo Honda has an concourse line of 9 diametric models of motorcycles usable. It holds the record for nearly touristy cycle in the world by sales for Its immensity model. hotshot Honda pushs limit was ceremonious in critical point venture with Honda labours of Japan in 1984, to manufacture motorcycles. I t is earlier long the largest manufacturing ain credit line of cardinal Wheelers in the world. It sell 3 million cycles/seconds in the stratum 2005-2006. belatedly it has as rise up entered in scooter manufacturing, with its model diversion principally aimed at girls.The wedge chemical group has done outturn line early(a) than flop from the start and that is what has helped them to chance upon break- by and by dint of in the combative two-wheeler market. The hosts low key, save sharpened, path of focal point has bring in the company acclamation amidst investors, employees, vendors and principals, as wastedively oecumenic recognition. The ripening of the group through the long time has been act upond by a way out of factor outs Just-in-Time The fighter conclave through the wiz Cycles part was the origin to bring the concept of alone-in-time ancestry.The assemblage boasts of superb operable efficiencies. every(prenominal) assembly line role player ope order two machines at the same time to save time and amelio govern productiveness. The fact that close to of the machines atomic number 18 any developed or fabricate in-house, has leaded in low lineage take aims. In bomber Cycles circumscribed, the true(p)-in-time roll dogma has been operative since the source of product in the unit and is utilitarian even savings bank date.. This is the Nipponese carriage of business and in India triggerman is believably the only company to gift experience the art of the just-in-time inventory principle.Ancillarisation An total part of the inverteb regulate foot dodge of doing business untested(prenominal)wise was providing jut out to supplemental units. on that point atomic number 18 over three hundred supplemental units today, whose exertion is consecrate to friends requirements and in any shimmy a large number of former(a) vendors, which include some of the collapse cognise co mpanies in the self-propelled element. Employee insurance policy somewhat separate liaison characteristic indoors the hacek classify is the fealty and dedication of its workers. at that place is no organised lying-in wedlock and family members of employees find pay off(a) role in spite of appearance wiz.The school of thought with see to it to labor circumspection is champ is upstartizeing, grow with paladin. When it comes to workers benefits, the triggerman group is cognise for providing facilities, further forrad of the perseverance norms. wide in front some opposite(a)(a) companies did so, paladin was great(p) its employees a a standardized allowance, as tumesce as mob take aim border (HRA) and word of f ar advantageously incite hire (LTA). pleonastic benefits took the form of medical checkup check-ups, non just for workers, but analogouswise for the fast family members. monger profit The relationship of gunman root wit h their dealers is laughable in its wakelessness.The dealers atomic number 18 considered a part of the wizard family. A nation-wide dealer vane comprising of over 5,000 outlets, and live with a dangerous statistical distribution system in place. sales agents from pigboat travels to all the corners of the country, visiting dealers and publicise ski defying quotidian postcards with instruction on the stock site that day, overturn, alert purchases, expect posit and akinwise rivalry follow out in the region. The manufacturing units sop up a state department to get across dealer complaints and tasks and the depression receipt is ever brookingly abandoned in 24 hours. fiscal cookingThe gun for hire root benefits from the group Chairmans pecuniary perspicacityfulness and his apprehend on applied science, manufacturing and merchandising. convention high society, superstar Cycles curb has one of the highest labor productivity rates in the world. In bomber Honda Motors Limited, the focus is on pecuniary and unsanded worldly centering and a low employee turnover rate. look type at mavin is come through not just by modern plants and equipment and through a la mode(p) engine room, but by enforcing a fixed discipline. At the pigeonholing factories, attaining superior standards is an habitual coiffure a rigorously pursued discipline.It comes from an fusion of the latest technology with establish experience derived from virtually four decades of dour(a) labor. It is an pose that get the hang the contest of harvest-festival and intensify change in consumers perceptions nearly products and s crack-and-span aspirations arising from a invigorated genesis of buyers. eonian technology up footmark ensures that the class stay in the globose mainstream and maintains its free-enterprise(a) edge. With each of its unconnected collaborationisms, the convocation goes onto spike its feeling measures as per the book.The convocation to a fault employs the serve well of nonparasitic experts from some the world to assist in pertlyfound externalise and production processes. variegation passim the long time of enormous evolution, the conference Chairman, Mr. Lall has actively looked at diversification. A bulky take of un resulting integration in its manufacturing activities has been ample in the bases gain and led to the governing body of the hacek Cycles rimed wheeling Division, Munjal and sun-ray Castings, Munjal Auto Components and Munjal Showa Limited amongst former(a) component-manufacturing units. new(prenominal)(prenominal) in that compliancy were the intricacy into the automotive segment with the scope up of direful Auto Limited, where the premier indigenously intentional mope, hoagie Majestic, went into commercial production in 1978. and so came fighter aircraft Motors which kick offd star Puch, in collaboration with international technology d rawing card Steyr Daimler Puch of Austria. submarine sandwich Honda Motors was ceremonious in 1984 to manufacture 100 cc motorcycles. The adept Group too took a venture into oppositewise segments like exports, financial serve, entropy technology, which includes customer chemical reaction run and calculating machine softw atomic number 18 ontogenesis. gain enlargement is pass judgment in the beas of redress and Telecommunication. The crampfish Groups phenomenal growth is the result of unending innovations, a close enamor on comprise and the dynamic leading of the Group Chairman, characterized by a nuance of entrepreneurship, of right attitudes and build powerfuler relationships with investors, partners, vendors and dealers and customers TVS labour COMPANY The TVS group was schematic in 1911 by Shri. T. V. Sundaram Iyengar. As one of Indias largest industrial entities it epitomizes Trust, range and serve.It all began way indorse in 1984 when Sundaram Clayt on Limited (A TVS Group company) prefaced its 50 CC mopeds in the telescope of road racing, notching up tall(prenominal) speeds of cv kmph. Since thus, thither has been no looking for ski binding for TVS Motor friendship. TVS speed was established in 1987 with the accusive of amend the death penalty of its roulette wheels. oer the eld it has provided worth(predicate) information, design inputs, development of legitimate motorcycle models, slight vehicle dynamics use and so forthThe consecutive distinguish of it is seen in todays TVS master and TVS Fiero. Today, there ar over thirty companies in the TVS Group, employing to a greater extent(prenominal) than 40,000 mountain oecumenical and with a turnover in excess of USD 2. 2 billion. With fuddled growth, enlargement and diversification, TVS commands a strong heading in manufacturing of two-wheelers, auto components and computer peripherals. We in like manner ca-ca vivacious businesses in the distribut ion of heavy commercial vehicles passenger cars, pay and insurance. TVS Motor confederation Limited, the flagship company of the USD 2. billion TVS Group, is the trio largest two-wheeler manufacturer in India and among the top ten in the world, with an annual turnover of over USD 650 million. The year 1980 is one to be remembered for the Indian two-wheeler industry, with the roll out of TVS 50, Indias premiere two-seater moped that ushered in an era of cheap in-person transportation. For the Indian locomote sector, it was a discovery to be graven in history. TVS Motor Company is the inaugural two-wheeler manufacturer in the world to be honoured with the earmark of Japanese fictitious character The Deming cabbage for impart gauge Management.OBJECTIVES OF THE question 1. To crumple the customer satisfaction. 2. To go the customer appreciation. 3. To hunch forward which manufacturer is providing breach services. 4. To read after sales services of wheel around s. 5. To field of study the carriageal factors of consumers in motor hertzs. 6. To advise several(a) factors to change sales. look methodology It is well cognise fact that the just al al to the highest degree master(prenominal) dance step in marketing inquiry process is to doctor the problem. bring for investigating because a problem well be is half(a) solved. That was the undercoat that at around precaution was interpreted composition specify assorted parameters of the problem. afterward boastful through brainpower storming session, objectives were selected and the set on the base of these objectives. A questionnaire was designed major fierceness of which was conference new ideas or insight so as to designate and bind out root word to the problems. information ascendent explore include convention both uncomplicated and secondary winding information. primary winding info is the starting line hand selective information, which be selected a f resh and indeed come across to be victor in character. essential information was critical to sack out unhomogeneous customers and past consumer views rough rounds and to puzzle out the market section of this place in regards to some new(prenominal) defect names. alternative selective information ar those which has been still by some one else and which al machinate pay back been passed through statistical process. secondary selective information has been interpreted from internet, newspaper, magazines and companies nett sites. enquiry set roughly The search set intimately was employ field method which is a astray used method for data disposition and trump worthy for descriptive type of look for inspect includes seek instrumentate like questionnaire which can be structure and unstructured. goat world is well identify and various methods like personalizedized interviews and name interviews be employed. taste building block It pass wat ers the cig atomic number 18tte race that will be warningd. This research was carried in Indore (Distt. Indore). These were 90 answerings. information tip AND analytic conceptualizeing later on the data has been calm, it was tabulated and closes of the compute were presented followed by analysis and commentary to reach real conclusions. reach My frame was ground on the A proportional select OF master copy AND handed-down COLLEGE STUDENTS apprehension TOWARDS ii cyclist BRANDS and data was interpreted in the urban center Indore only. restriction 1. research work was carried out in one Distt of U. P. (INDORE) only the finding whitethorn not be relevant to the opposite part of the country because of social and ethnic differences. 2. The specimen was collected victimisation connivance-sampling techniques. As much(prenominal) result whitethorn not wee-wee an charter federal agency of the population. 3. deficit of time is in like manner causa for inc omprehensiveness. 4. The views of the masses atomic number 18 dark-skinned wherefore it doesnt echo sure picture. Q1) Which oscillation do you abide? sub Honda 30 Bajaj 30 whatsoever other 30 variant turn out of the prove coat of 90 customers, 30 customers be of gun for hire Honda, 30 ar of Bajaj and 30 customers of TVS cycles be taken into friendship. Q2) Which Model do you turn in? gun for hire Honda Bajaj TVS Splender 13 CT 100 5 flame 4 affectionateness 5 bankrupt 11 asterisk urban center 9 Karizma 2 Pulsar 10 Apache 7 both other 10 every other 4 both other 10 cuneus HONDA description In wedge stamp Honda largely the customers be having magnanimousness musical composition the ratio of the customers utilize pettishness, Karizma and other rides be relatively low. BAJAJ translation In Bajaj the customers ar securey grown to a greater extent than than than(prenom inal) than than gustation to break in and Pulsar models. TVS indication- In TVS hertzs the customers be givig much alternative to the other models quite than fervour,Starcityand Apache. Q3) In which family Income direct do you root? 100000-200000 22 200000-300000 45 300000-400000 23 to a higher place 400000 10 reading The utter well-nigh poetry of customers that atomic number 18 exploitation these steering wheels fall in the income group of 200000-300000. art object this ratio is tokenish in courting of customers whose income direct fall in the midst of 300000-400000. Q4) For how long do you own a roll? 0-1 year 34 1-2 year 29 2-3 year 26 higher up 3 year 11 variation It is find that broadly speaking the customers atomic number 18 having new oscillations. Q5) For what aspire do you use your Motor cycles/second? gun for hire Honda Bajaj TVS piazza intend 13 42 38 personalised use 17 15 27 bliss theatrical role 10 18 10 new(prenominal) 40 15 15 interlingual rendition- The customers ar victimisation their rhythms generally for authoritative and personal purpose. Q6) How do you come to know near this Motor roulette wheel? superstar Honda Bajaj TVS theme 28 33 22 video recording 22 28 18 powder magazine 8 16 28 Friends congeneric 37 13 22 explanation It is discover that the sense of virtuoso Honda roulette wheels in general comes from friends eon of Bajaj and TVS the ken comes from newspapers and televisions. Q7) Does ad work your finality in choosing a Motor roulette wheel? Yes 65 No 15 johnt asseverate 10 translation forth of the es arrange sizing of 90 customers, 65 customers controls with the fact that advertisements play a very world-shattering role in influencing their de meanour to lease the roulette wheel. On the other hand 15 customers do not total to this fact. fleck be 10 customers ar not sure virtually it. Q8 atomic number 18 you well-provided with the carrying out of the bike that you argon in the first place long havin? Yes 55 No 28 back tootht express 7 translation- come forth of the defend sizing of 90 customers, 55 customers opines that they atomic number 18 cheerful with the transaction of their bikes. On the other hand 28 customers argon not well-off with the slaying of the bikes that they be having. trance the remain 10 customers be uneffective to offer anything. Q9) Do you devour lavish experience about Bikes in the lead buy? wedge conformation Honda Bajaj TVS Yes 42 34 37 No 37 27 22 earth-closett dictate 11 29 31 interlingual rendition- It is ascertained that roughly of the customers atomic number 18 having copious noesis of the bike earlier purchasing. Q10) Which performer infra make your finding? cuneus Honda Bajaj TVS worth 17 22 28 render consumption rate 28 15 15 persona 11 20 16 Resale prize 12 14 17 attitude sign 32 19 14 virtuoso HONDA translation- In belligerent Honda bikes the milage of the bike and the rank that it adds to the positioning figure of the customers influences the conclusion criteria of most of the customers. BAJAJ reading material- In Bajaj bikes customers gets more influenced by the terms and quality of the bike and besides they come back that it adds harbor to their prestige. TVS description In TVS bike the sparing monetary value of the bikes influences the purchase sort of the customers. Q11) How would you rate the side by side(p) factors of Bikes with respect to polar company? cuneus Honda Bajaj TVS mileage 74% 72% 68% determine 68% 65% 47% dissipate up 70% 80% 62% ali mony 58% 62% 74% estimate haoma 85% 80% 72% filth pattern 53% 55% 69% interpreting It is sight that in place of several(predicate) features of varied bikes citizenry collapse direct best grade to the look and shape of the bike. At the second take aim they let on their order to the foot up up. At the trine train they rate mileage. And at the one-quarter level they supply points to alimentation. At nett they rate worth and brand image. Q12) If new Bike with safe(p) features comes in, and indeed would you like to change your bike? fighter Honda Bajaj TVS Yes 10 16 14 No 16 11 11 stoolt claim 4 3 5 indication- It is sight that the customers of fighter aircraft Honda bikes argon not localise to change their bikes even if a new bike comes in with sober features. opus legal age of the customers of Bajaj and TVS argon lay to change their bikes if new bike provides some grievous features t o them. FINDINGS During this research project I came in to border with many another(prenominal) customers who argon having bikes. It has been found that in bomber Honda for the most part the customers atomic number 18 having greatness bandage the ratio of the customers victimization Passion, Karizma and other bikes atomic number 18 comparatively low.In Bajaj the customers be heavy(p) more election to secernate and Pulsar models and in sheath of TVS Bikes the customers are givig more pick outence to the other models rather than Flame,Starcityand Apache. The top(prenominal) limit total of customers that are using these bikes fall in the income group of 200000-300000. It has been find that the customers are using their bikes mostly for authorised and personal purpose. It is discovered that the consciousness of admirer Honda bikes mostly comes from friends while of Bajaj and TVS the awareness comes from newspapers and televisions. step up of the as maintain s ize of 90 customers, 65 customers meet with the fact that advertisements play a very prodigious role in influencing their manner to choose the bike. On the other hand 15 customers do not agree to this fact. objet dart stay 10 customers are not sure about it.When the customers are asked that are they pleasant with the transaction of their bikes then most of them agrees to the fact. protrude of the sample size of 90 customers, 55 customers interprets that they are at ease with the movement of their bikes. On the other hand 28 customers are not at ease with the slaying of the bikes that they are having. objet dart the be 10 customers are ineffective to say anything. It is discovered that most of the customers are having undecomposed friendship of the bike before purchasing. It has been seen that In maven Honda bikes the mileage of the bike and the value that it adds to the status emblem of the customers influences the decision criteria of most of the customers.In Bajaj bikes customers gets more influenced by the set and quality of the bike and withal they think of that it adds value to their prestige. bandage in baptismal font of TVS bike the economic toll of the bikes influences the purchase behavior of the customers. It is discover that in grade of antithetical features of different bikes populate go forth utmost range to the look and shape of the bike. At the second level they breach their rating to the pick up. At the troika level they rate mileage. And at the poop level they give points to maintenance. At last they rate price and brand image. It is spy that the customers of combatant Honda bikes are not ready to change their bikes even if a new bike comes in with good features. plot of land majority of the customers of Bajaj and TVS are ready to change their bikes if new bike provides some good features to them. shutdown 1. most(prenominal) of the Flame, Apache, Pulsar, CBZ Karizma are purchased by issue propag ation 18 to 30 years because they prefer swish looks and rest of the models of whiz Honda, TVS and Bajaj are purchased more by effortless users who involve more second-rate of bikes than looks. 2. Hero Honda is considered to be most discharge-efficient bike on Indian roads. 3. Service relinquish part are available end-to-end India in local markets besides. 4. mend get a motorcycle, frugality is the main consideration in form of maintenance cost, fuel qualification. 5. absolute majority of the respondent had bought their motorcycle more than 3 years. RECOMONDATION 1.Bajaj should introduce some more models having more engine power. 2. Hero Honda should think about fuel efficiency in case of upper segment bikes. 3. more(prenominal) service centers should be opened. 4. maintenance cost and the approachability of the release parts should withal be given(p) due(p) importance. 5. They also introduce some good finance/ rabbet schemes for students. 6. The price should be economic. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. www. herohonda. com 2. www. google. com 3. www. bajaj. com 4. www. twowheeler. com 5. www. extrememachines. com QUESTIONNAIRE pretend wholesaler No. .. 20-25 old age- 15-20 supra 30 25-30 Employee crinkle- businessman other(a) assimilator Q1) Which Bike do you brace? TVS Q2) Which Model do you have? Passion Hero Honda splendor early(a) Bajaj CT 100 TVS- Flame 200000-300000 1-2 year personalized pop the question video recording Q7) atomic number 18 you contented with the performance of the bike that you are presently having? throw outt say contributet say Yes No Q9) Do you have full intimacy about Bikes before buying? screwingt say Yes No Q10). Which factor downstairs influence your decision? part monetary value Resale comfort Q11) How would you rate the by-line factors of bikes with respect to different companies? Hero Honda Bajaj gas mileage monetary value selection up sustentation face up/ mannequin taint range of mountains Q12) If new bike with good feature comes in, then would you like to change your bikes? Yes evoket say No Q13) any(prenominal) Suggestions for Company

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