Sunday, July 28, 2019

Logics Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Logics - Term Paper Example Brow includes the three theories by Professor Rich Savin- Williams which has given a totally different flavor to the article. These theories are used to understand why the concept of gay and lesbian has become so widely accepted today. He blames it on the openness that exists in the work and leisure environment today. Williams believes that since the gay and lesbian members of the community have openly accepted themselves as gays and lesbians, the other members of the society can do little to discriminate against them. The article moves on to describe a very controversial concept which deals with why only the men are accepting their gay nature so openly and why women are still conservative when it comes to this. Brow brings in what he calls the â€Å"ceiling effect† to describe this. Brow concludes that there is no philosophical reasoning to why men are more acceptable to such notions, it is just that men are catching up to women and there may be a time when tables turn over w omen. Towards the end, Brow also touches gay and lesbian marriages and says that even though such members are acceptable in the society; their open relationships are still not welcome in the US. Gay marriages are still a controversial topic in the US and Brow thinks that it would continue to be so until the next few years. Although Brow begins with a very instinctive approach towards gays and lesbians by stating that the topic that he has considered and the facts that he has gathered are â€Å"stunning† just to emphasize how magnificently faulty they are (Bergmann, 1997). It gives the reader a feel that Brow is not very happy with the notion of accepting such members in the society and particularly military in a free fashion. However, as the article proceeds, Brow changes his approach to be a more analytical one. He states theories by Professor Williams and he uses statistics and

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