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Family Dynamics

Nick Vehlewald Mrs. Stotler English 110. 4 17 October 2012 Family kinetics The sort a family defecates has changed in the decease decade or 2. Back when this generations p bents were kids and until now when their p bents were young, it is precise different than young concourse today. A better example would be the television system visualize permit it to beaver fur, which aired in 1957. It was round the Cleavers, an alto locomoteher American Family, trying to keep their youngest son Theodore Beaver out of trouble.He always finds his way into trouble, at the lay off of the episode his pargonnts always divine service him by better-looking him advice an good life slightons. That show represents how families were close and saved distri howeverively other. Now, in the 21st century, many families and change surface communities ar non as close. There are less family nights, and some kids do not even go to the parents for help or to talk to, and neighborhoods are neithe r as safe nor a conjunction as they were, where kids allow for be playing removed and parents dont adjudge to stress close to the kids getting hurt or lost.Kids rely on social media to express their feelings instead of talking to their parents on what is occurring in their life. One of the main(prenominal) reasons of family destruction is divorce. collected research from Oregon State University states Divorces nominate change magnitude 22% since 1980 in the United States (23). Children did not check to push-down storage with that in the past generations. That is the most customary occurrence in society today. This did not incur in front because divorce was not socially refreshing back then.Society used to believe that marriage was eonian and spouses were meant to stay together no matter the reason. The conventional family structure in the US is considered a family clog up system involving two married individuals providing get by and st adequate to(p)ness for their biological offspring, however this type of family has become less prevalent, and other family forms squander become relevant. In the television show Leave it to Beaver every show was family oriented. It was like watching a real family functional by dint of the trials and ribulations that every family impart go through on a regular basis. What was different about this family than a real family was that everything always ended on a positive note, the mother and father resolving power or fixing the problem and helping their children. That did not always work in the real life. some successions fights entrust last a couple hours, old age or weeks. People watching the show did not understand that concept. They see the Cleavers being able to work out similar problems but in their household it isnt that easy.So families and most part parents, would get frustrated and think that they are not a well functioning family. There are oer 4600 traits and in a family, all traits are demonstr ate by the family members. Wherever you have chaos, some unrivaled else entrust have order. Wherever you have order, someone else will have chaos (1). This is just how a family works, you have to deal with each others differences and still love each and every member. Families have big issues with trying to be perfect, but they need to understand that individuals cannot expect their family to bite and function like an artificial one.The biggest change in family dynamics in the past decades are, moms used to be at home cooking and cleaning doing the responsibilities some the house. That is not the event any more. Mothers are in the work force, doing their part for the family. Employment rate of cleaning lady since the 1950s has risen 74%, for full time jobs, and 29% part time jobs (1). This was never the case before, it was always the fathers job to work and make the money to provide for the family. It has changed drastically since WWII. In a study conducted by the Center for Amer ican Progress in 2010, only 27. percent of homes in the US had disturbancegiver. Compared to 1975 where more than half the homes had a care giver(32). The father figure has been affected so much that there are even provincial dads now, where the mother would work and the father would take care of the domestic duties. Stay-at-home dads are fathers that do not participate in the labor market and develop their children. They are the male equivalent to housewives. This is not as popular in American society. There are estimated 105,000 stay-at-home dads in the US today. He would have been a disgrace to the workingman sixty years ago.The main reason for the advancement of mothers in society was char charwomans goals have changed drastically. Shifting from the typical lady of the house that does the cooking, washing, and cleaning, to powerful women that are standing up for them and joining the male society in working for a living. Since then women have been making there way into the workforce, by proving themselves with valuable resource that will help them in every day life. There are a voluminous amount of jobs that women could do a lot better than a man because of what they exist and the experiences they have had.For instance, making clothing, cooking in a restaurant, and money management. Women are changing the workforce, something that know one would have predicted. The men were always know as the breadwinners of the family but women are taking advantage of the women endeavour to become financially independent. Also others things have occurred in this day that have never been dealt with before. Same bring up marriage. This is something know one has seen before or had to deal with in the past decades.The common way was a man marries a woman they have children and endure happily ever after. There was no such(prenominal) thing as gay marriage or partnerships between two men or two women. This is a huge difference then what the generations before us are us ed to. The changing generation are moving to fast for some people and they can not get used to the root of two men or two woman raising children. This changes the lives of the kids drastically. They grow up thinking that they have two mommies or daddies and it is perfectly ok and normal, but what they do not know is that they are unique.They will grow up and have a unscathed different perspective on life, from being elevated in such a different family life. The kids will be very confused growing up in this world. Seeing all other kids with a mom and a dad and wondering wherefore they are different. The children are discriminated against for having same sex parents. Nationally, 66% female couples, 44% males couples live with children under 18 years of age (5). America needs to lodge to the changing times and understand it is not sledding to be the same as it used to be.

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