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The Relationship Between Reading and Success on 4th Grade Standardized Dissertation - 1

The Relationship Between Reading and Success on 4th Grade Standardized Tests - Dissertation Example 5: Annual Yearly Progress of Title i Schools in Georgia 2003 – 2008 20 Figure 6: Research significance 32 List of Tables Table 1: Map scores and their interpretations 8 Table 2: Relationship of Lexile and grade levels 12 Table 3: Lexile data from spring 2008 CRCT & GHSGT 13 Table 4: Grade level text and reader Lexile boundaries, median Lexiles, and Lexiles at test cut scores 13 Table 5: Median Lexile from CRCT & GHSGT by grade from 2006 - 2008 with text Lexile boundaries 14 Table 6: Progress report of NCLB 19 Table 7: America's Record of Achievement 19 Table 8: Annual Yearly Progress of... Percentage of students whose pass status was accurately predicted by their MAP performance using reported cut scores 25 Table 13: Estimated probability of scoring as proficient or higher on the state reading test in same season (Spring), by students grade and RIT score range on MAP reading 27 Table 14: 2010 Georgia CRCT Results for Appling County 40 Abbreviation of Terms Used AYP Adequate Yearly Progress CRCT Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests GHSGT Georgia High School Graduation Tests MAP Measure of Academic Progress NCLB Act No Child Left Behind Act NEAP National Assessment of Educational Progress NWEA Northwest Evaluation Association RIT Rausch UnIT Chapter 1: Introduction This chapter delineates an overview of the study to explore the relationship between reading and success on 4th Grade Standardized Tests. Beginning with a discussion on the background of the study with a local problem in an elementary school in Georgia, the section provides the basis of the problem and introd uces to the phenomenon under study, leading to the nature of the specific research question and development of the hypotheses on the present phenomenon. It then deals with the purpose of the study and the theoretical framework relevant to the study providing explanations of the operational definitions. Subsequently, it discusses about the bounds of the study indicating the scope and limitation and the assumptions made. The next section discusses the significance of the study explaining how this study can be applied to the local problems, professional applications, and brings about a positive social change. Finally, the chapter is summarized with key points of the study and an over view of the remaining chapters. 1.1 Background Studies have indicated that there is a strong positive

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