Friday, August 2, 2019

Assessment for Software Essay

?The use of technology to assess student learning has proven useful which has expanded its use in all learining enviroments. Technology has improved education so vastly that some schools are fully online while others mix campus classes with the virtual setting. This has created a steady growth of innovative software being used to assist teachers and stydents within those settings. Some of the software have becoe essential to education. Applying them in consistent manner helps the student build their foundation for life in our technology driven society. The advent of countless wireless devices has elevated our knowledge base and software has elevated as well. Even though some technologies and softwares are exspensive or require added training, the pros outweigh the cons in terms of benefits. Technology in the classroom has showed its value on numerous levels and assesments is another good example. Since technology had proved useful here, many developers have created multiple programs which allow educators to efficiently apply and review traditional assesments. For example, some tests can be given on computers via the school and online within the comforts of home. The results can be stored and shared easily with parents and other adminstrators within the school district to ensure accuracy. This is good because modifications can be made easily pertaining to the content and other needs for revision. Using these softwares in traditional schools has been so successful that new online schools have come into existence. This type of distance learning leans primarily on software for all assessments. GCU and Walden university are just a few examples of entities that use software for assessments. In education we must have assessments to grasp a view of whats being understood and what needs to be reviewed. These assessments can be formative or summative. Summative assessments are ones given at any time such as pop quizzes or tests after certain content. Formal assessents are given over a time span with multiple activities being took into account. Its helps the teachers rewiew whats being taight to ensure mastery of the content. There is also self assessment and peer assessment which are fors of student assessment. Using assessments is a great tool to ensure students are equally learning whats needed for full understanding of content. A good eaple of an beneficial assessment are mid-term exams. Students get to review their strengths and defiencies and guide further endeavors in the right direction. Technology has changed this aspect as well. Tests can now be taken on computers which is easier to grade and overall more efficient. Results can also be stored digitally for ongoing review. Some applications in this area may require added technological knowledge of teachers but should be easily manuervered by average students of this digital age. Other major aspects that have hindered expanded use of software for assessments are the availability of necessary equipment and qualified instructors to facilitate them. Low income areas don’t have funds for upgrades and most teachers have a knowledge base that predates todays capabilities resulting in a need for extra training. This training can be time consuming and sometimes expensive. Our government is trying to counter these problems with grants for teachers and schools. Even though it can be agreed that software has given assessmnets a needed uplift, they are some situations that digital assessments may not be the most accurate. For example, subjects like advanced science and health require hands on eperiences which would in turn have some traditional assessments. For example, I primarily wanted to take education with emphasis on chemistry online but I was informed I needed to be able to go to a traditional lab because of the content matter and instruction needed to master such. Areas such as language and mathematics don’t have those issues. These challenges have created new curriculum consisting of online mixed with campus courses. Depending on the content, a teacher must be prepared to use new assessment software and traditional assessments. In conclusion, technology has created new means to evaluate everyone involved in our educational system. With the use of software, these assesments can be modified and reviewed easier than ever. Using these This usage has rewards not only in classrooms but in nature with less use of paper, pencils and other tangible products.

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