Sunday, August 25, 2019

Company Research -JP Morgan Chase Bank Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Company -JP Morgan Chase Bank - Research Paper Example Since its foundation in the year 1799, the company has excelled in every field as a financial establishment. It was established on the foundation of more than 1200 antecedent organizations. The amalgamation of these organizations has led to the formation of today’s JP Morgan Chase & Co. However the real formation occurred in the year 2000 when JP Morgan & Co. and The Chase Manhattan Corp were merged as a single company. This merger brought together four largest banking organizations i.e. JP Morgan, Chemical, Chase and Manufacturers Hanover under the umbrella of JP Morgan Chase & CO (JP Morgan Chase, â€Å"History of Our Firm†). Aaron Burr & J. Pierpont Morgan is the two persons behind the foundation of JP Morgan Chase & Co. The company over the years has seen unprecedented growth in its stature and structure. It has grown immensely in terms of its assets which now stand at $2 trillion and still increasing. All this has not been achieved overnight but with business principles based on sheer dedication, hard work, creating a friendly working environment and last but not the least the innovation factor. Along with success the company has also had its share of hiccups. It faced a major setback when it was accused for being involved in manipulation of mortgage papers related to insolvent cases and had to be bailed out after the recession of 2008. Despite this JP Morgan has been rated as one of the most desired company to work with apart from being the best in terms of job satisfaction for the employees and has a long list of accomplishments. JP Morgan Chase & Co. has reached the pinnacle of financial services not only in the native USA but across the globe. This can very well be supported with the finances of the organization over the past one year. The company’s total assets were calculated to be $2,265,792,000 (as of 31 December, 2011).The company has seen no negative goodwill which reaffirms its dominance in the business world. The stock prices of the

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