Monday, August 26, 2019

Persuasive synthesis Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Persuasive synthesis - Research Paper Example However, it is possible to treat and cure cancer when discovered during its early stages through chemotherapy. This scientific process uses radioactive rays to kill the cancerous tumors that form part of the cancer. There are several types of cancer; these include breast cancer, prostate cancer, and vaginal cancer. Nowadays cancer has become the most deadly disease in the world, attributed to causing deaths of several notable figures in the world, e.g. Steve Jobs, founder and CEO of Apple Company. The relatives of these people suffer from various challenges. This is because the thought of their suffering relative really paints a negative impact in their physical, emotional, and mental status, thereby causing them a lot of pain (Ronda, Talley, McCorkle and Baile). The patient requires total attention from their relatives. This is because the cancerous cells usually eat up his body and mind leaving him weak both physically and psychologically. Therefore, the relatives have to come around to fill this void by being there for their sick relative. They have to spend a lot of time attending to them. This means they must shelve all their other engagements in order to be with the patient at the hour of need. This is in itself suffering because it denies them an opportunity to pursue other matters. In addition to being there for the patients, the relatives may sometimes lack sleep because they have to stay awake to keep the Patient Company especially if they have no sleep due to extreme pain or extreme depression. (Ronda, Talley, McCorkle and Baile). Furthermore, since they cannot nurse their patient away from home, they have to complete all scheduled work outside their homes. This is to allow them ample time to attend to the patient when they get back home. The emotional pain they encounter comes from their desire to satisfy the patient, who in most cases has lost all the hope in life. They have to make him feel important and loved so that they can give

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