Friday, August 23, 2019

Ethics 2 Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ethics 2 - Article Example There are however, certain limitations, which restrains from the research being a complete empirical study. Firstly, the sample chosen is from one geographical community in Canada. Secondly, the industries chosen does not cover certain important sectors like fashion and hotel industry, which needs to maintain their CSR activities too. Yet, it might be noted that the main sectors, which are highly accountable to the social values, are taken into consideration. Thirdly, the sample size chosen is 16 people from positions of leadership only. A general view of the employees and executives should have been collected in order to judge the awareness towards CSR even at the base level in the industries. Rules and policies are easily formulated but the implementation is brought about through proper level of awareness and responsibility. The empirical study conducted here simply points out a region specific case study involving some managers from certain chosen sectors. Fourthly it may be noted that the interviews were perhaps not conducted in a systematic manner with the same set of questions asked to each respondent. Rather different respondents seem to give opinions from various angles and the reader has little idea about what questions were asked. Fifthly, a chance of bias arises owing to the purposive sampling method. The researchers seem to have obtained a sample in order to prove their predetermined notion. My experience in Saudi Arabia shows that the country’s domestic businesses are not concerned or affected by the global standards of CSR management. Rather they give most stress on the local society and look into their interests first. The company where I worked did provide goods at low cost/ discounts to the local buyers and absorbed local people as their employees especially for the low skilled positions. Saudi Arabia has thus escaped the influence of international standards of CSR, which might not be feasible

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