Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Assay Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Assay - Essay Example None of the nearby shops duplicate any of the services being provided by the pharmacy; it is the only pharmacy in the area and the next pharmacy is located in the next suburb. The Campbell Medical Centre and Campbell Nursing Home complement the services provided by the pharmacy. The nearest public toilet is located in the building where the Campbell Pharmacy is located. The pharmacy is located near the bus stop and taxi ranks making it very convenient for customers and employees to access. A reasonably-sized car park is located in Blaemy Street, which is the main street in Campbell suburban. The Justice of the Peace in the area is also our pharmacist and therefore a very popular and well-respected man in the community. I have chosen this pharmacy because it is very convenient and offers many advantages for learning. From a customer’s perspective, I was able to assess that the pharmacy’s services and conclude that the pharmacy is able to provide a wide-range of retail services like postal services, gift glass wear, and photocopying services; and retail products like skin and hair products. The pharmacy is also able to offer professional health services through its pharmacists and pharmacy assistants. These services are mostly related to medicine intake and health maintenance advice. The pharmacy is able to provide health related products through its first aid program and weight loss promotion program. It is also able to cater to diabetics through its blood-sugar control and blood-sugar testing program. The overall message that I got from the pharmacy in terms of the services and products it offers is that the pharmacy is available and eager to care not just for the customers who are sick, but also for those who seek to maintain their health. The pharmacy also seeks to provide the c ustomers with other services that they need in order to stay

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