Friday, September 13, 2019

Compare and contrast between stepford Wives and Black Sunday movies Essay

Compare and contrast between stepford Wives and Black Sunday movies - Essay Example The two films’ similarity is experienced in the different perspectives that are displayed by the different casts in both films; the presence of this diversity of perspectives adding to the enrichment of the films. Another similarity being that the context under which both the movies were based upon is mainly from the feminine perspective; in the former from Dahlia Iyad and the public in general while in the latter from Joanna and the rest of the Stepford womenfolk. Women’s roles in both films are defined as being home keepers and caretakers, thus the women should mind their own business and leave the men to play their roles. This is best displayed by the stepford women’s submissiveness to their gendered roles i.e. the cleaning, cooking and washing of dishes and clothing. When the men are having a game of golf, it is the womenfolk who act as the caddies; this adding to their submissiveness. The themes of Conspiracy and paranoia are present in both films. in Black Sunday, it is displayed in a number of scenes such as that where Dahlia and other members of the terrorist organization ‘Black Panther’ are held at gunpoint with the discovery of the pre-recorded message, by Dahlia taking credit for the attack; the fact that the terrorists could use unlikely objects to create dangerous weapons i.e. the Madonna statues, the blimp, the camera-like machine and the special dart gun. Also in the scene where Dahlia wears a nun’s uniform on her mission to murder the partner of Kabakov. The dual partnership, between an American war veteran and an emotionally scarred woman, to plot and carry out a terror attack further deepens the conspiracy theme. Paranoia as a theme is expressed in the scenes as portrayed from the anti-terror forces’ perspective; this is exemplified by Israeli agent Kabakov’s role in aiding the United States government in preventing the attack. The fact

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