Thursday, September 26, 2019

In what ways and why did the character of the nineteenthcentury Essay

In what ways and why did the character of the nineteenthcentury Scottish economy and society differ from that of the rest of Britain - Essay Example "Treaty of England" held a year earlier, and was put into action by the "Acts of Union", which was passed by the Parliaments of both of the kingdoms. Scotland witnessed a lot of pretest across the country, due to this union1. After the union, Scotland maintained to have their separate legal system, from England, Wales and Northern Island. Not just legal system, Scotland kept its education system, and Church of Scotland separate and it is the reason that Scotland maintained its uniqueness in all these times. It helped in keeping the Scottish culture and Scottish national identity since the union2. Though, it is not a separate country now, but still they tried to maintain their national identity. Scotland has a large abundance of natural resources from fertile land, and this land is suitable and considered best for the cultivation. Other than cultivated land, it also produces minerals and there are resources of different minerals in Scotland, such as coal, zinc, iron and oil shale etc. and the reservoirs of coal seams beneath central Scotland, and in the areas of Ayrshire and Fife. These reservoirs of coal contributed a great share in the industrialization of Scotland, during the 19th century. The mining of coal was a huge employment generator in the 19th century, though it declined now, due to the cheap coal, which is imported from the other countries. The Industrial Revolution was witnessed heavily in Scotland, as the Scottish Economy is well known for its heavy industries in 19th century. The heavy industry includes the shipbuilding, coal mining and steel industries, these industries attracted a lot of people from the neighboring states and countries, who came in search of jobs and finally settled here. The growth of Scottish economy is also due to the fact that British Empire had allowed Scottish economy, to export their goods throughout the world and it was due to the presence and participation of Scottish people in the British Empire. No doubt, Scotland left behind the England and the other states at that time. The Scotland witnessed a great political and industrial change during the nineteenth century. Industrial revolution was the talk of town and Scotland was taking full advantage of it, and heavy industries were making their way not only in the country but also in the world, as the Scottish products were being exported throughout the world. These industries generated a lot of employment opportunities and hence many poor people from the neighboring countries, such as Ireland, came in search of jobs and in the same way, labour movements begin to form. This development lead the Scotland to improve the living standard of their citizens and like this, proper measures were taken, which made a base to improve the situation of poor people in the country and also few new laws were introduced, such as poor laws. Laws were passed in the parliament, which demands the betterment of the poor people in the country and they were approved by the parliament and like this, the living standard of the poor was improved, and they started living a better and safe life. Laws introduced at that era were, poor laws, sanitation and education. Though, these changes were

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