Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Language in Shakespeares The Tempest Essay -- essays research papers

This essay will attempt to find out the type of language that Shakespeare has used to portray the hatred and utter spite Prospero evidently has over Caliban. The great number of offensive dialogue during the argumentative conversation between Caliban and Prospero will be commented on. During the conversation, many ill-disguised remarks of contempt are made by all three characters. This will be analysed further and the reasons and consequences of the exchange will be described. There are a great number of reasons for why Prospero and Caliban are not by any means on respectful terms, and the factors that have lead to this occurrence will be expressed in order to explain the spiteful nature of Prospero in particular. In the play ‘The Tempest’, Prospero and Caliban are portrayed as two completely opposite characters with contradictory and clashing views. Prospero, who was the rightful heir to become duke of Milan before being cast away and the ‘deformed slave’ Caliban are symbolic of opposite extremes, particularly in their roles in society and hierarchy. Prospero is a natural leader and is intellectually disciplined, while Caliban not only does not behave in this kind of manner, he seems to completely stand against it and ignore any order and is ‘capable of all ill’ according to Prospero. Caliban’s careless, unethical nature, and being born as part of a ‘vile race’ is an immediately apparent reason for Prospero’s hatred of him. Shakespeare quickly portrays the two characters as of clashing personalities during the passage, depicting Prospero as a person who emphasizes social lustre and class and uses his great intellect to onl y give others what he thinks they deserve. While Caliban is illustrated as an animalistic character, wi... ...can show his true contempt. In conclusion, the language Shakespeare uses to depict the hatred Prospero has for Caliban emphasises the separate backgrounds and values they share and the lack of understanding they have for one another. The fact that Prospero is heir to being duke of Milan and Caliban is the product of an unholy passion between the witch Sycorax and the devil, suggest opposing themes of backgrounds and therefore they share contradictory views of each others heritage and conduct. Therefore they stand against what the other values, causing a clash. The reader may feel that Prospero’s contempt of Caliban is within reason, due to his attempted violation of Miranda, and the fact that Prospero has been hurt and betrayed by many in the past, and therefore has a great amount of vengeance he can share out due to the attachment he has with his fiery emotions.

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